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Oil Recovery System

Does your municipality or state recycle "empty" motor oil bottles that aren't really empty? If not, your residents are sending perfectly usable motor oil and recyclable #2 HDPE right into your waste stream. If you landfill your waste, the oil trapped in these bottles is leaching out of your landfill right now, and you have to deal with it.



But you don't have to any more!

The people who buy the motor oil in the first place would certainly like to have all of it. They paid for it, right? Why not help them get all the oil out of the bottles, and then recycle the plastic? With over 3.43 BILLION used motor oil bottles sold in the United States every year, our country has a big problem. We have the answer to this huge problem, and it's really simple, almost stupid. It's so simple that USA Today says,

"Why Didn't They Think Of This Sooner!"

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The typical user leaves 1.28 ounces of oil in each discarded motor oil bottle. This amounts to 137 million quarts of oil annually, year in and year out. That's 3 1/2 Exxon Valdez oil spills EVERY YEAR!

Most users leave the cap on when they finish, because they know there is oil in there. They just don't have any way to get it out. So, when the bottle goes to your landfill, the compactor runs over it, the lid flies off, and the oil spills out. Ask your landfill operator about this. They probably have people who have been hit with flying bottle caps.

If you have recyclers that will pick the bottles up for recycling, they hate them, because the lids pop off in the baler, the oil gushes out all over, and the balers and truckers have to clean up the oil dripping out of the bales. They may have even had bales rejected due to excess oil. That really turns them off collecting used oil bottles. Ask them about it!

The fact that many recyclers refuse used motor oil bottles makes the following statement that much more important:

BOB drains oil from bottles even if they are not collected for recycling!

This fact is one of the reasons the State of South Carolina purchased 67,000 units from us for their recycling programs. They have a dedicated used motor oil bottle recycling program, and would like to get more bottles with less oil. But what impressed them most was that they could keep motor oil out of their landfills even if they didn't pick up the bottles! We've sold thousands to municipalities all around the country.

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 BOB can be mounted on table tops, or hung from any type of wall, such as pegboard, wood, plaster, or metal, as shown. The same two plastic pieces make both configurations. Black units contain 25% recycled polypropylene. You can add your message to the front of the stand in a couple of different ways. As mentioned previously, we install stickers for customers to get their message across. You can also have your environmental message engraved right into the plastic. You will be able to give away engraved units without any extras, or add a business-card sized sticker to the front. See this page for examples of our new engravings.

These are some other features that are very important.

Read this enormous success story

The recycling coordinator at Fort Irwin, California, is saving the U.S. Government $20,000 per year just by draining used motor oil bottles from his base! We donated some BOB's to Dennis Fleener for trials at his recycling center. He used to have to PAY someone to haul off, as oily waste, a Dumpster full of used motor oil bottles every month, which were created by Army units visiting for training. Now that he's using 8 BOB's hooked together on a wall, he is saving 15 gallons of perfectly brand new oil every month. He no longer buys oil for his fork lifts and shop vehicles. He just uses what he recovers.

Now that he is draining all those plastic bottles, a recycler comes out and BUYS his plastic. He's gone from a negative cash flow to a positive cash flow, saving the US Government $20,000 per year.

The total cost had he purchased the 8 BOB units:


What do municipal government environmental people say about BOB?

"It's great to see the light go off in people's heads when they realize that they can actually save money while helping the environment."

"When we give away used oil containers, many people see them and decide that they need a new container for their camping water. By the time they say that, the container is gone, and we've wasted our money. With the BOB, people can't really misuse it. It works on oil bottles to clean up the environment, and it saves people money. Even if they use it to drain shampoo bottles, at least those are getting recycled too." Bill Lykins, City of Ventura, CA 805-652-4593

"We have drain containers that nobody wants, two whole truckloads. It's not that way with the BOB. It's new, and everyone who changes their own oil wants one."

"We gave away seat cushions once. Gee, what a waste. We had people who never change their own oil wanting them just because they wanted a soft seat, not because they wanted to look at the message printed on them. The BOB doesn't work like that. We like to give the BOB away, because at least it prevents pollution." California Conservation Corps members, Ventura County.

"The BOB doesn't have little plugs to lose like some of the drain containers. That sure is nice!"

"Many people already have their own method to bring in their used oil, but they don't have a method to drain used motor oil bottles. They really like the BOB."

What do other people say about BOB?

"Look, at only $9.99 each you can't justify not getting one. Order more than one and the price gets even lower." Brad Ocock, Mopar Muscle Magazine

“...gets the prize for the most innovative ecology-minded money-saving product we’ve seen in a long time...When you dump the bottle, you don’t throw out any oil. We really like this one!” Dick Berggren, Editor, Stock Car Racing Magazine

“I was amazed at how much oil was left in each bottle...I would give this product a thumbs up and recommend it to every household that changes their own oil.” Ron Jackson, Maple Valley, WA

“The versatility of mounting makes it fit comfortably into any shop...I was amazed at how much oil remained in the bottle.” Jon Mosier, Highland Ranch, CO

More comments at the Testimonial Page

Private Labeling for Municipalities

There is no better way to get your message across to people who use one-quart plastic bottles. Currently, municipalities across the country are using BOB as a promotion for recycling of used motor oil bottles, recycling of used liquid oil and filters, and general auto-related recycling messages.


If you've ever sent out promotional materials, you know how hard it is to keep your message in front of the recipient. If you've ever received promotional items, think about how many of them you look at on a regular basis. BOB is unlike any other promotion, because it does not wear out or become obsolete in one year like some promotional items. People who change motor oil at home or in auto shops will use this tool every time they touch a motor oil bottle. This is the the perfect way to promote an oil company, motor oil recycling program, used oil bottle recycling program, or any other message meant for auto mechanics at home or at work.

We use professional graphic designers to create our stickers. You can design your own, or we can help. We also sell BOB units blank, and encourage the use of disadvantaged workers to install stickers.

Ordering and Price Information

We offer considerable discounts for municipal and retail sales. Please email or write us for free samples and pricing.

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