Testimonials From BOB Users

“...gets the prize for the most innovative ecology-minded money-saving product we’ve seen in a long time...When you dump the bottle, you don’t throw out any oil. We really like this one! ”Dick Berggren, Editor, Stock Car Racing Magazine

Quite simply, we tried the product and found it very useful and worth purchasing.” Mario Veltri, President, Los Angeles Shelby American Auto Club

“I thought they were exaggerating on the amount of oil that gets thrown out. But after retrieving 2/3 quart of oil from 10 bottles, I am convinced. BOB works great.” Chris Watt, Ravensdale, WA

“BOB was made for me!” Herman Kubowski, Racine, WI

“I was amazed at how much oil was left in each bottle...I would give this product a thumbs up and recommend it to every household that changes their own oil.” Ron Jackson, Maple Valley, WA

FANTASTIC PRODUCT!” Vernon C. Nelson, Lino Lakes, MN

“First of all let me say that it is an excellent idea. I always take time to drain the oil bottles but I know many do not. Your system makes it easy and will encourage people to save the oil.” Bea Zastrow, Editor, Mid-Atlantic T-Bird News, Chevy Chase, MD

I like that 2 or more units can be combined to recover more oil.” John Lustrup, Chicagoland Thunderbirds, Glen Ellyn, IL

Great Product!!” George Martinis, Gaithersburg, MD

“It is easy to set up, easy to use, and takes up little space when done.” Charley Althoff, Cedaredge, CO

“BOB was very ingenious for the fact that now you could drain several bottles into one, where as before I was putting one on top of another.” James Boden, Cumberland, MO

Until this product, I never realized just how much oil stays in a bottle that you think is empty.” Robert Cleveland, Bayfield, CO

“I’ve always found it difficult to prop up oil bottles to drain the last drop because they are either in the way or they fall down...This product does a fantastic job and makes my life a lot simpler.” William J. Dickfoss, Liverpool, NY

I can now make complete recovery from all the bottles in a complete oil change in one overnight period instead of 6 overnight opportunities to make a mess.” David C. Duncan, Puyallup, WA

“The different options in the design make it usable in a wide variety of situations.” D. W. Geoffrey, Meriden, CT

“Very clever. This is one of those ‘Why didn’t I think of it’ products.” John R. H. Ide, Hamburg, PA

“I like the idea of wall mounting. You can install the oil bottles and go about your business.” Leroy L. Markman, Lancaster, CA

“The versatility of mounting makes it fit comfortably into any shop...I was amazed at how much oil remained in the bottle.” Jon Mosier, Highland Ranch, CO

“More than just the savings of oil, keeping it out of landfills rates highly with me.” David Southwick, Chula Vista, CA

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This page (and all of the others on this website, for that matter) is sponsored by my company, Plastic Oil Products, which makes this useful little tool for draining all your oil from the oil bottles you use to fill your engine. Get ALL the oil you paid for with BOB!

BOB, the Bottom Of the Bottle Oil Bottle Draining System

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