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I have pages on many different subjects, and currently work a full time job.  Some of the pages have information that may answer your question.  I've been getting a lot of emails lately from people who obviously have not read the information I've spent many hours compiling, and they ask questions that they could have answered on their own just by reading a webpage or two.

I have no patience for people who won't read what I've spent many hours creating.  If you don't bother to read what I've written, please don't email me, as I don't have time for people who refuse to read.  If you have read the page that interests you, and have a question, I'd be more than happy to answer you.  And trust me, I can tell when someone hasn't read what I've written.

It has become necessary to provide some examples of bad questions and good questions, and to preach a little bit to you, the internet user, about politeness.

This is a bad question: "what is the timing for 390 engine at 7000 ft?"

Now really, how am I supposed to answer such a question with no information about the make and type of vehicle and the usage?  The fellow who asked this question would have gotten further with his question phrased this way:

"I have a 390 Ford in a 72 Camper Special with headers and dual exhaust that I pull a trailer at 7000 feet.  Is there a different method to time this besides the factory setting?"

Now, I won't repeat what he called me after I gave him an answer as short as his question, but it wasn't polite.  Remember, internet user, you are getting something for free here, and when you ask someone to work for free (yes, it is work to answer questions) remember to be polite.  If you are polite to me, I'll be polite to you.

This is another bad way to approach someone who's doing you a favor: "Please answer the following 6 questions."

This isn't a test, so don't make it a test for me.

I'm sorry it has come to this, but the only other alternative is to completely remove the information, but that wouldn't be fair to folks who appreciate what I've written.

Click the link below to launch your email program and be sure to type a subject in the subject box.

"Hi" is not a subject, so please, be a bit descriptive.

Thank you!

Why so many rules?

I'm still catching flak from people who don't have their own self-help webpages, and they don't like my rules. I thought maybe you all would like to see what it's like to host a self-help webpage, and some of the garbage I have to put up with.  It seems that the anonymity of the internet causes people to lose all semblance of decency.  Do you think that if we were talking face-to-face that they would say such awful things?

Original emails in BOLD, my response in ITALICS.

You don't know shit about Holley Carbs. All you are doing repeating is what everybody thinks they know.If you could ask Ralph Johnson then you might know what the hell's going on.You SMART ASS.

George Wood ewood22@hughes.net

.P.S Try me. I Iive in McIntyre GA
Oh, really???  Where is YOUR free Holley webpage to help people? Lets see YOU do better!  Gerard
You have opened yourself to the information super highway. There is know
such thing as a dumb questions,only dumb answers.I did not even make to a
section where you are providing information, because of the bullshit at the
beginning.If it is not within the scope of your knowledge you think it is a
dumb question.Do yourself a favor, close your website then you won't have to
worry about dumb questions. ewood22@hughes.net
Sounds like you've never offered people advice before. Here's what you should do, before you criticize me:

Learn something and share your knowledge with people for free.  Then, put up with the jerks like yourself who criticize your rules, and the others that want their cars fixed for free.

THEN, email me back with your experiences.

I've heard from others like me who offer free information, and the common thread we all have is people who won't read what's written, then they ask for free services.  That's not why the page is there...it's for people to help THEMSELVES, not for me to fix cars.

So, where is YOUR website?????

I want the URL of your self-help website before you say another word to me, because you DO NOT have a leg to stand on with your criticism.


I have doubts after reading your article on Holley carb tuning as to
your authenticity as a registered engineer.  What engineering degree do
you have?  Domestic Garage Engineering or some bullshit like that??!!
A  B.S. in DGE.  You have an interesting way of expressing a formula for
the area of a circle and it doesn't appear much better than that of a
4th grade education.  Either you are the most condescending individual I
have seen in a while or you better start providing evidence of a
legitimate engineering degree.  There are extremely nasty fines for
those representing themselves as engineers and not actually having state
board certification as an aviation, civil, mechanical, electrical, or
architectural engineer.  Keep in mind that stupid patents on semi
worthless items do not make you an engineer.

Charles Lyell Myers

Who do You think you are? You think you are some kind of "KING" of the carb's? There just carb's...
  You have an attitude that comes across as if all out here is a dumbass. You might have a little knowhow about carb's, But you need to climb down off your highhorse and talk to these people that are coming to you for help with a little more respect.

After looking at your site and having read your disclaimer message I have came to the conclusion that you are in fact an arrogant douche bag. Sounds to me like you need to have a bowel movement and relieve the pressure.

These are just funny...how could anyone answer these?

I recently built a 2300 for an 88 2wd ranger. I had the block bored .030 over-O Decked, o-ringed and balanced and blueprinted. I am using a stock crank, Crower 5.7 rods, Wiseco forged pistons, Total Seal rings, RacerWalsh hydraulic power head with cheater valves that has been ported and polished and milled .050-I installed a #2 hydraulic roller cam that is .450 lift, a ported 2300 lower EFI intake, a Barry Grant Road Demon 2 barrel carb, a Nitrous Works 2 barrel plate system set at 100hp jetting, and all pulleys are Esslinger as well as the water pump, and MSD ignition. I am using an ATI C4 tranny with a 4000 stall. Should I see low 8's in the eighth mile? This is just gonna be run at the track and on the street mostly weekends and I hope it runs good. What do you think it will do? Thanx-Dave

I have a YZ 70 I turned over to a friend he cut the wires to the I think the igniter box could you lead me in the right direction. The box has 1 white and Black  1 white and red  1 black and yellow 1 black and red and the engine side has 1 white and red 1 white 1 blue 1 black and red.

ok i dont actualy have a Q? but i have a machine  mght like i once got a free atc after purching a yahmaha 200 dx the atc was "junk" but it ad compession and spark but no carb i looked for 1 but i finaly gave up finding 1 decent carb for tis freebe but while rebuilding the dx carb realized the bolt holes matched but the actual in take did not quit match after gring for about 30 min finaly i got a perfect match but had to reverse and mod the intake to fit and point out the other side of the frame and it ran lke a champ but the next prob was the front end and front berings were shot lucklely my xr 80 honda dirt bike recently cought fir and burned out all but the to ends so on went the xr front end and wheel it looked very bad a** sadly i blew the motor with he big carb and i went to the junk yard before i ever got any pics i thought to buy a new better running/looking atc and do this mod for real rather than just becas i used what i had but i dont have the money right now but if i do il send pics but love your site "awsome ATC's" especialy the ATC suzuki cross breed

How fast do you think I can make my Yamaha Banshee if I put a supercharger and nitrous on it?  Would it be faster than your 350X in the standing 100 yard?  Or do you think that a Cessna 142 could beat it?

i just bout a 350x and had the bolts broke in the motor and took it to a shop and when i got it back it ran ike crape but it fill like its running really hot what is the averge temp it should on a 3 hour ride

i just bought a honda 250r fourtrax with the 350x motor init i was wondering if you could help me with what gas tank to use right now i have a plastic tractor gas tank on it thanks