Our Late Father's Dune Buggy In Action!

After locating and purchasing what was left of our late father's dune buggy, which was originally built for our father, Bob Forgnone, by the late Don Deupser of Salinas, Ca, we started on a rebuilding project in January 2002.  We were lucky to have the original trailer, rear dual wheels, front wheels and axle, steering gear and wheel, and turning brakes, as seen on the linked page below.  If you haven't seen it, please read it first.  It will give you a lot of background.

Page 1: Found!  Our Late Father's Dune Buggy

Page 2: Rebuilding Our Late Father's Dune Buggy

Our first outing was the Pismo Beach Car Show, June 15, 2002.  Here is the completed machine!

Co-owners Fred and Gerard Forgnone

We got a lot of attention that day!

Hey, someone wants to go for a spin!  Gene of Friends of Oceano Dunes, along with a few other Friends came by to visit.

Ok, let's throw some sand!

We went to the biggest hill we could find, and stopped in the middle of it.

Then went right up it!

Head-on shot, going uphill.

Gerard buries it.

Ok, that's better!


Here's all the family!  We sure had a lot of fun!

January 2003

Mom and Stepdad go for a ride!

The march of time made my Mother and Stepfather too weak to drive the buggy, as the clutch is very stiff, so we got them out for rides in the resurrrected dune buggy.  Mom knew what to expect, but my Stepdad Bob Brewer had never been in a dune buggy.  He was a WWII P-51 fighter pilot, so he really enjoyed the power!


Thank you to the following businesses for their assistance in helping us rebuild Pop's dune buggy:

Big Al at Valley Fabrication in Salinas (Steel tubing)

Matt at Lamar Brothers Tires in Salinas (Rear implement tires)

Lee at Salinas Muffler in Salinas (Muffler tubing)

Ron at Elmer's Auto Parts in Salinas (Bearings and other parts)

Dick Shultz of Auto Parts Service in Salinas (Trailer taillight lens and tire stems, and moral support)

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