A True Smiley Face Story

Pop was a Chevron Dealer for 30 years, and as such, we had to do some extra work once in a while. The most memorable thing I can remember from my childhood was when Chevron decided to give away lunch bags adorned with the yellow smiley face so common in the early 70's. At first it was kind of fun, but after many hours bundling lunch bags and putting a little smiley face sticker on the bundle wrap, we were pretty sick of the little yellow guy. But Mom didn't know we were sick of Smiley. So, just about every Chritmas for the next ten years or so, we would get some sort of gift with Mr. Smiley on it. After a while, we had to break her heart because it was just getting a bit out of hand with all the cups, pens, plates, and other paraphernalia that had that little face on them. So when I ran across this animated gif of Mr. Smiley, it made me smile again.

So, Mom, this is for you!

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