6427 Miles: A Tour of America by Car

By Gerard Forgnone

Day 8

Friday, September 6, 2013

Truckee, CA to Winnemucca, NV

Friday morning started at Bill's condo at Northstar Resort, near Lake Tahoe.  I drove in to Truckee for some local grub, and it wasn't cheap!  I spent about $15 for French Toast and a cup of coffee.  Yikes!  At least I got some good parking, but it wasn't free either!

It is a pretty place, though.  I'm sure the prices are set for the Winter, when the place is crowded.

Anyhow, the craziness started at the gas station right down the street from this.  I pulled in, and before I could start filling up, a woman approached me with her cell phone and a charging cable.  She asked me to charge her phone for her while we filled up.  Ok, no problem.  I wasn't in a hurry, as I was waiting for Bill to come by in his motorhome, so I could give him back the keys to his condo.  I took my time, checked the tires, washed the windows, and such, so that the lady's phone could pick up a little juice.  After about 10 minutes, I pulled the phone and walked it over to her.  She thanked me profusely, and asked me if I wanted some dried apricots.  I declined, having just finished my overpriced breakfast.  She said, "They're GREAT!!!" and proceeded to stuff about FIVE of them into her mouth!  Then, she shouted through the mush in her mouth, "These are GREAT!!!"  OH MY GOD!  The characters ya meet on the road!

So, Bill called, saying he was almost there, and that we could rendezvous on the freeway as he went past.  He said his motorhome was a Dolphin, and when I saw a Dolphin motorhome go by, I got on the freeway, catching him in about 10 minutes.  He was taking the motorhome to a friend at the Reno Airshow, so I followed him there, and chatted with him and some nice folks for about an hour.

The Transcontinental Railroad follows I-80, so away I went!  Once you get past Sparks, there isn't much to see!

Flat, dry, and HOT!

So, about 10 miles past all this alkali desert, there's a nice rest stop.  Time for dinner!

It was getting to be dusk, and the next town was Winnemucca, Nevada.  I pulled in to town, expecting it to be a barren place with cheap hotels.  Not so!  There was a Holiday Inn Express, and I thought it would be cheap.  Not so!  $129 for a night!  Yikes!  Ok, off to the McD's for some wireless.  Someone special told me how to do the wireless at McD's and look for a hotel on Priceline.  I thought the local hotels would be cheap.  Not so!  Nothing for less than $70.  Yikes.  I finally found an RV park that would take overnighters, so off I went.  At night, you can't tell much, so I pulled in and set up for evening.  The cost was $40.  Here's my first night's setup.

First night camping!  G'night!

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