1999 Xplorer 230 XLWT Repairs and Modifications

This page will outline repairs and modifications I've made to my motorhome, a 1999 Xplorer 230 XLWT, purchased in January, 2014.

On vacation in Arches National Park, March 2014.

The previous owner of my motorhome removed the third seat, which sits behind the driver's seat, for a reason I still can't understand.  I took this photo around to every RV supplier I could think of, and asked "What kind of seat is this, and where can I get one?"   I got blank stares.  Apparently, the Xplorer company designed and made these seats in their own factory, and since Xplorer went out of business in 2003, there are no more available, anywhere, at any price.  So, I resigned to looking into Captain's Chairs.  Nobody makes green upholstery any more, so I figured I'd go with brown, to match the trim and the floor.  Since whoever would be sitting in this seat would be sliding in and out beneath a table, I thought that a flatter chair would be better than most of the deep pocket-style buckets available.  Steelcase makes a chair for big people, and it's flat.  I was staring at a bill of over $1000 for a chair and a pedestal, and a long wait to special order and ship the thing.

A VERY nice woman cashier at Camping World in San Marcos, CA, suggested I try this used and surplus RV parts place in Rialto:

Walt's R.V. Supplies

All I gotta say about Walt's is WOW!  They buy closeouts from RV manufacturers, and used RV parts from wrecking yards and individuals.  I've never seen so many RV windows in one place.  If you have an old RV, call or visit these people!

Anyway, I asked these folks the same thing about the Xplorer seat, and got the same answer: Never seen one.  As I walked in, I noticed they had some used RV seats and couches.  After I talked to the guy, I turned 180 degrees around and saw this:

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