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How to Build Max Performance Pontiac V-8s

By Jim (and Tom) Hand

My personal friend, Tom Hand, is a real car guy. Tom Hand's father, Jim Hand, is a Pontiac expert, and has summed all his vast knowledge of things Pontiac and put it into this book. Tom helped too!

You gotta believe Jim knows what he's doing.  That wagon on the cover weighs nearly 4000 pounds, and will sky the fronts on the street with street tires!

The Haynes General Motors Automatic Transmission Overhaul Manual

Covers TH 200-4R, TH 700-R4, TH 350, and TH 400

How to Work With and Modify the Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 Transmission

by Ron Sessions

A review from Amazon:

This book is marvelous. With absolutely no prior experience with automatic transmissions, I have successfully used this book and Mr. Sessions'
                     previous book on the Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 to rebuild two transmissions. For the novice, all you need is a Master Rebuild Kit and about two weeks of
                     patience, and you can save over $1000 by doing the rebuild yourself. The book has a good discussion on theory, but you can skip right to the "how-to"
                     sections and follow the text/pictures to a successful end.

Turbo Hydra-Matic 350

by Ron Sessions

A review from Amazon:

Auto transmissions are a mystery to most of us, even those who are performance enthusiasts. Ron's book is an excellent introduction into the inner
                     workings of the TH350. More importantly though, the book gives great step-by-step info on rebuilding your 350 yourself. It's not as hard as you would
                     think! The book is full of informative photos and diagrams and also contains info regarding high-performance modifications. If your thinking about doing
                     your own TH350 rebuild, forget GM manuals. This is the only book you'll need.

Powerglide Transmission Handbook: How to Rebuild or Modify Chevrolet's Powerglide for All Applications

by Carl H. Munroe

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