6427 Miles: A Tour of America by Car

By Gerard Forgnone

Day 18

Monday, September 16, 2013

Detroit, Michigan

My sister, Nita, took me to the Ford Factory Tour at the River Rouge Plant, but they don't allow photography, so no pics!

After that, we went to the Henry Ford Museum, and they DO allow pics.  There was so much to see and photograph, that we ran out of time and battery power!

That's a BIG train, Nita!

What's amazing to me is that this whole machine operates without electricity of any kind...steel, coal, and water.

This is Mustang I, the first prototype Mustang, from 1962.  How many were made? 


Yes, a single prototype, and this is IT!

This is the very FIRST Japanese car made in the United States.

After visiting the Bonneville Salt Flats just a few days earlier, this car had relevance!  It was the fastest wheel driven car for over 25 YEARS!

A couple of wild rides.

This is the famous "999" car built by Henry Ford and raced by Barney Oldfield.  Amazing, NOT a re-creation, but THE real 999!

Oh my goodness!  A Chrysler Turbine Car!  Only NINE of these still exist in the world.  Jay Leno owns one too.

Read more here: Chrysler Turbine Car

This is THE bus that Rosa Parks rode to protest segregation in the deep South.

Nita is channeling Rosa.

The Dynamicron House.  A pre-fabricated aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic house.  Very expensive materials...never caught on.

This museum is HUGE, and some of the things inside it are huge, too!  This was one of the smaller stationary engines that I was able to get a photo of.  There were larger ones beyond this.

This is my sister Nita and her daughter Sarah, along with Sarah's husband Peter, and children Mattea and Beatrice.

One of the greatest things about modern photography is that film is cheap!  So cheap, that you just keep clicking the shutter, and your subjects keep playing!  What a motley crew!

More of Detroit tomorrow.  It is not the city it once was!

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