6427 Miles: A Tour of America by Car

By Gerard Forgnone

Day 2

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lockwood, CA to Scotts Valley, CA

Day 2 started at my brother Fred's house, with his wife Kathy, in Lockwood, California.  Their property line abuts Camp Hunter Liggett, for your Central Coasters who know where that is.

Fred taught me how to shoot skeet.  I hadn't touched a gun since the last time he took me shooting in 1974 or so.  I did pretty well!

Fred and Kathy had a neat little Miniature Pinscher dog that was fearless, and would run like the dickens, even when we rode around in the Gator.  She's a cutie!

Well, you never know what trouble may happen when your big brother gets hold of ya.  A little beer, a little bit of firearms, and a chicken.  What the heck???

This is what it looks like near my hometown of Salinas, CA.  Rows of lettuce in the rich soil.

I've tried to find pictures of them, and explain them to people, but nobody outside of Salinas or Yuma knows what a Fabco truck is.  These are 6-wheel drive, and go right into the muddy fields to pick up the boxed lettuce, then right on the road to the cooler to deliver it.  Fabco has been making these things for at least 50 years, and they haven't changed much, if at all.

Another thing that anyone outside the Salinas Valley never understands, is that it's COLD in the summer here!  The date is August 31, and folks, that's FOG rolling into the Salinas Valley.  That cooling fog is one reason crops grow so well in the Salinas Valley.  I think it was 68 degrees outside at this point, and it went down to about 63 as I continued on.

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